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Welcome to the Children's Medical Services International (CMSI) Web site. Based in Richmond, VA, CMSI is a non-profit organization with a passionate mission to support and promote programs that benefit children’s health and development worldwide. We accomplish that mission exclusively though volunteers and donated goods and services. We have no paid employees, and 100 per cent of all donations goes directly toward improving children's health

Billy Rees West, CMSI FounderThe genesis for CMSI occurred in 1982 when President and Co-Founder Billie Rees West was visiting Jamaica and saw firsthand how people in developing countries lack access to adequate medical care. When she went to see a close friend in a local hospital, the overworked staff, shortage of resources and equipment, and delay in receiving care inspired Billie Rees, herself a cancer survivor, to want to do something to help.


In 1993, Mrs. West met Dr. Charles E. Bagwell of Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia Hospitals. Discovering they shared a passion to improve the quality and availability of healthcare for children throughout the world, they decided to combine their talents and drive and created CMSI. Our cofounders continue to be the guiding forces of vision and leadership so necessary for a charity to be successful.

We accomplish our mission by identifying the need for medical supplies and equipment, locating and procuring that equipment, and delivering it to the facility in need. CMSI relies on the talents of medical professional and non-professional volunteers. The equipment and services coordinated through Children's Medical Services International, while taken for granted by many in the developed world, make a tremendous difference; they literally save lives every day.

by Robert Fay